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“Elizabeth is the most amazing infant specialist who has been there for us since my son was 3 weeks old (he is currently 9 months old).  For our first visit, she came over to our house and helped me understand my baby more, his sleep and eating patterns, his general development, and reminded me to take care of myself.  She is so gentle, genuine and really catered to my individual needs.  She was able to share some of her own experiences as a mother and really made me feel like a normal mother.  Elizabeth knows every aspect of babies from sleeping, eating, development, and more.  I check in with her about every 2-3 months and she is always so responsive to my calls and emails and makes herself available for me every time.  I can count on her when times get tough and/or when my baby goes through his normal developmental milestones to always give me advice and guide me in the right direction that works for our family.  We love Elizabeth!”

- Sarah

“I highly recommend Elizabeth as a sleep consultant extraordinaire. She is extremely knowledgeable, patient, and kind. I greatly appreciate how flexible and resourceful she is, helping us to try different methods until we were able to find a solution that worked best for our family. Sleep is always a work-in-progress, but I feel that Elizabeth continues to be a great support, and  has given us the confidence to tackle any issue as it arises. I am very happy we chose her to help us with our son and would recommend her to any family looking for help with sleep (especially as her willingness to come into the home and give hands on advice is extremely valuable, and we found no one else willing to do this in Santa Cruz).” 

- Jennifer

“At first I had this feeling like I should be able to do it on my own and that it was silly or admitting failure to hire an expert to help me get my baby to sleep.  I finally got talked into it by another mom, and I am so thankful she connected me with Elizabeth!  I was exhausted, and I had been exhausted for so long that I didn't even have a real grasp on how tired I really was.  I couldn't handle going through another book or website on a new sleep solution.  When you're sleep deprived you're not in the state of mind to read another book or look at another website about a new sleep solution-- you don't have time to do that and it's hard to find the will to devise a new plan when the others haven't worked and changing something might make it worse.  Because of this I just kept doing the same thing that wasn't working.  What I needed was someone who has already done all the research and is an expert guide me through and check up on me on the way.  Elizabeth was that person and she even came over to my house and met my baby and really listened to our challenges and concerns.  I really appreciate how she kept checking in on me to make sure the plan was working and offered to help me adjust it if it wasn't.  I still feel like I she's an email or a phone call away and that is so reassuring. 

Elizabeth helped us get our evenings back!  Now my husband and I do the bedtime routine, put her to bed, and then we actually get a little bit of time to enjoy each other's company again.  It's a whole new lease on parenthood!  

Elizabeth worked with my husband and I to find out what our challenges and concerns were, and helped us devise a plan specific to our situation that will work for us.  I didn't even realize how severely sleep deprived I really was until I started sleeping again!  Motherhood is so much more enjoyable now!”

- Alexandria

“Elizabeth was my sleep savior during that first year of my daughter's life and I continue to consult with her regarding big transitions affecting sleep. My daughter is 2 now and since she was 5 months old, she has been putting herself to sleep for all naps and bedtime. Babysitters and our nanny were always amazed at how "easy" she is when it comes to going to sleep. I always say to them, "I owe it to Elizabeth!" And of course, we listened to Elizabeth and followed her individualized plan and advice for our super curious, smart, and sensitive daughter (a combination that made sleep very challenging). Also, we shared a room with our little one until she was 2 years old which created a slew of other sleep issues. Elizabeth was spot on when she described the possible repercussions of room sharing until that age but we had no choice. Elizabeth was wonderful at helping us make the best out of our situation and in listening to all her advice, our sleep improved a lot! She also helped us transition our daughter to her own room at 2 which went smoother than I imagined, only because I called for a consult. She even helped me wean my daughter off breast milk in a gentle way that felt healthy and more natural.

I recommend Elizabeth to all my friends with babies and to mom's I meet everywhere. Elizabeth is warm, down to earth, kind, completely non-judgemental and truly cares about her clients. She is genuine and super baby savvy. Her ideas are not one sized fits all and are created to be a more gentle method which was really important to both my husband and myself. CALL Elizabeth. And then DO the work. LISTEN to her and you WILL SLEEP again and so will your baby!”  

- Christen

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