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Sleep is vital for both you and your baby. I want to give you realistic expectations and suggestions regarding your baby's sleep based on your baby's age and stage. My goal is to help you learn to understand what your baby is communicating, and why they might not be sleeping as well as you would like. I think of this process as sleep learning rather than sleep training. It's not a quick fix; it takes time, practice, and patience. I'm here to help you find the best way for your family to get the sleep you need.

Issues commonly covered in a sleep consult:

  • How to help a baby transition from sleeping with a parent to their own crib or bed.

  • The age and stage a baby typically stops feeding at night.

  • How many naps a baby needs and how long they typically sleep at each nap and at night.

  • The age a baby no longer needs to be swaddled.

  • Ways to soothe a fussy or tired baby.

  • Where to place a crib or bed, and how to transition to a toddler bed.

Phone Sleep Consultations

Phone consultations are an immediate and convenient way to get practical suggestions for on-going  and/or occasional sleep issues for your children, no matter where you live. Together we will come up with a plan that is tailored to your child and family. 


 I can work with you over the phone to understand the issues and provide suggestions for next steps. Phone calls can be a great starting point for quick questions or specific sleep issues.


 Phone Consultations Include:

  • 1-hour Facetime call

  • Written sleep plan

  • Follow-up calls, texts, and emails

In-home Sleep Consultations

Home visits allow me to meet everyone in your family, and to see how you have set up your sleep environment. This gives me valuable information for helping you create a customized and workable sleep plan. 

In-home Sleep Consultations Include:

  • Consultation lasting up to 3 hours

  • Written sleep plan

  • Follow-up calls, texts, and emails

Packages of more than one visit are available upon request. Please contact me for a no-charge introductory call.

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