Elizabeth Green


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About Me

Quick Facts

  • Over 35 years of experience

  • Mother to three daughters, grandmother to one granddaughter

  • Degree in Early Childhood Education and Development

  • Certified in Massage, Counseling, and Postpartum Care

  • Trained in Nutrition, Developmental Movement work, and Childbirth Education

  • Trained by The Nursing Mothers Council to provide Breastfeeding Support

  • Taught classes in Childbirth Preparation, Newborn Care, and Surviving the First Six Weeks at Blossom Birth Services in Palo Alto, CA

My Story

I began my work in the Early Parenting field in 1983 after studying Early Childhood Development and Education and realizing my passion for helping new families.  I attended Cabrillo College in Aptos, CA where I received a degree in Early Childhood Education and Development. I worked closely with many excellent teachers who provided me with an academic foundation in early childhood development, and taught me how to facilitate groups for parents of young children.


I went on to develop a program in Music for Young Children using my background in dance and gymnastics and my love of singing and playing the autoharp. I started facilitating Parent Discussion Groups in 1986 at the Birth Place in Menlo Park, CA. From there, I went on to become certified in Massage, Counseling and Postpartum Care. I also trained in Nutrition, and Developmental Movement work, and Childbirth Education. I was trained by the Nursing Mothers Council in 1996 to provide Breastfeeding Support.


I ran my own business in Postpartum Support Services for a number of years before becoming involved at Blossom Birth Services in Palo Alto, CA from 1998-2005. During my time there, I taught classes in Childbirth Preparation, Newborn Care, Surviving the First Six Weeks as well as running many Parent/Baby Parent Discussion Groups. From 2002-2004, I served as the Director. 


Throughout my work in this field I have learned the most from the parents who have shared with me their joys and struggles along their parenting journey, as well as from my own experience as the mother of three wonderful daughters - and now, my beautiful granddaughter. I continue my education through research and attending conferences and listening to others working in this field.