About Me

Quick Facts

  • Over 35 years of experience

  • Mother to three daughters, grandmother to two granddaughters

  • Degree in Early Childhood Education and Development

  • Certified in Massage, Counseling, and Postpartum Care

  • Trained in Nutrition, Developmental Movement work, and Childbirth Education

  • Trained by The Nursing Mothers Council to provide Breastfeeding Support

  • Taught classes in Childbirth Preparation, Newborn Care, and Breastfeeding in the Bay Area.

  • Former director of Blossom Birth Services in Palo Alto, CA

My Story

I became interested in early childhood development, and parent education shortly before my first daughter was born, 35 years ago. I have been drawn to babies and their parents for quite a while! I now have three beautiful, grown daughters and two delightful granddaughters, and decades of experience working with families with infants and toddlers.


My experience ranges from running my own business in postpartum and infant care, to sleep consulting, to teaching classes to new and expecting parents, to facilitating parent/baby discussion groups, and to serving as the Director of Blossom Birth Services in Palo Alto, CA. I bring a wealth of knowledge and experience in Infant Sleep, Early Childhood Education and Development, Counseling, Postpartum and Infant Care, Nutrition, Breastfeeding Support, and Childbirth Education.


I work closely with families of varying needs to help answer parenting questions and provide support, specializing in sleep, feeding, and behavior of children under three. I continue to learn and grow with each family I work with. 


Throughout my work in this field I have learned the most from the parents who have shared with me their joys and struggles along their parenting journey, as well as from my own experience as the mother of three wonderful daughters - and now, my two sweet granddaughters. I continue my education through research and attending conferences and listening to others working in this field. ​​